Corporate philosophy and history


Since it was established in 1987, Peptido GmbH has been producing top-quality active igredients with great success for the pharmaceutical industry. These are als known as APIs or <<active subsctances>>.


In doing so, we have always placed customer satisfaction at the forefront.


We can supply the entire service range, from lab-scale syntheses and pilot quantities to industrial scale production, including all the necessary analyses, registration documentation for COS and FDA, and of course all the stability tests. We aim to build up a longterm partnership with our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, and are constantly developing our active ingredients further in order to be able always to supply the best possible substances to every customer and for every formulation. The systematic production of defined grain size distributions through micronization is one of the techniques we include.


Peptido GmbH reacts quickly, flexibly, unbureaucratically, but with great technical knowledge of customers requirements.
Partnerships of many years standing with well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers show that we are on the right path.


Established in Bexbach; R&D


First active ingredients on a bulk scale


Upscaling; introduction of two new active ingredients


Pan-European registration of an active ingredient (COS)


Introduction of a QA system to meet FDA requirements; work under a HEPA atmosphere.


FDA registration of production of an active ingredient


Construction of a new multipurpose production line for synthesizing more active ingredients


Setting up of a new technical center


Refitting of the laboratory / R&D dep